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Loren LeBlanc was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up nearby in Culver City. He attended Humboldt State University where he received B.A. degrees in Economics and Studio Art with an emphasis on Low-Fire Ceramics from Humboldt State University. He then spent a year studying at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood before heading off to complete an MA Illustration program at the Arts University of Bournemouth. His work has been seen at California Convention for the Advancement of Ceramic Art (CCACA) and the Peek Collective's debut exhibition in London, United Kingdom. 

Explorenart is an experimental digital illustration project created by recent Arts University of Bournemouth MA graduate Loren LeBlanc of Los Angeles, California. The project is an impassioned investigation into the visual potential of digital sculpture as a medium. Fusing various state-of-the-art digital techniques including 3D modeling, compositing and databending, Explorenart has produced an innovative body of work; equal parts nostalgic and fresh, resonating vibrantly with the eyes of the digital age. “Discover what illustration could be, not what it has been.”